Across the Starting Line

The Autoimmune Encephalitis Alliance is a non-profit organization dedicated to finding a cure for autoimmune encephalitis through collaborative research and advanced clinical care and to ensuring that no family faces this illness alone.

Northern Piedmont Community Care

In 2013, this video won the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation video award for highlighting the work of Northern Piedmont Community Care (NPPC). NPPC is a community-based care management system that is patient-focused and cost-effective. NPCC provides transitional care, chronic disease management, social work services, service coordination, access support, health education, and nutrition counseling.  

Surviving Siblings

Surviving Siblings is a personal story of three young women who have lost a brother or sister to cancer, suicide and an automobile accident. Each reflects on her experience, and how she carries it with her as she moves forward. Catherine wrote a little about the story behind the story here.

Hope for Children – Ethiopia

Hope for Children – Ethiopia

As a Lewis Hine Documentary Fellow through the Center for Documentary Studies at Duke University, I documented the work of Hope for Children, an organization that supports children whose families have been affected by HIV. HFC gives support to over 700 children. Each child is provided with clothes, education, medical attention, and has the opportunity to […]