uplift the real

& human moments

that make information memorable

StoryMine is a women-owned video production company

that marries strategy and creativity to create video projects with impact. 

our strategic perspective

It won’t surprise you that we bring a strong perspective on the critical role video can play in furthering your goals. But we also bring a background in multimedia journalism coupled with a decade of experience working with communications teams at media outlets, national nonprofits, and large and small purpose-driven businesses. 

Our teams are built for each project, drawing on talented collaborators around the world, all of whom are experts in their craft. 

our approach

video strategy

We work with organizations to step back and look at how they are using video. We create alignment between their videos, their goals, their values, and their communications strategy, uncovering opportunities for amplifying resources and impact along the way.

And we give an expansive look at how you can take a video project and repurpose the content in smaller videos for audience segments and targeted goals, but also in blog posts, email campaigns, awareness raising toolkits, and more.

Video stories can not only make your message vivid, real, and memorable, they can also inform your other communications tactics and channels, and we’ll show you how.

story design & story discovery

We dive deep, ask big questions, and find out what your video really needs to do and be. This first session begins with the main collaborative team, with thoughtful discussions about strategy and story as well as assumptions, harmful narratives, and stereotypes that exist and should be challenged.

We go away, taking all the insights we’ve gleaned and start to plan timelines, conduct pre-interviews, and plot the direction this video will go.

Then we share back our story recommendation, like a blueprint for moving forward, with collaborative input before we keep going!

production & post-production

Filming, editing and internal review, this is where our team creates your video.

We go out into the field and into the editing room, with the blueprint we’ve created together to let this project be what it should be and to see what it becomes.

With a deep understanding of your goals, we stay open to the story that can unfold, finding moments that will surprise all of us, and make the video stronger.

We see all our story contributors as co-authors, we have intentional check-ins throughout the process to ensure their voice is accurately represented.

review & delivery

Honest feedback from clients and story contributors is crucial to our process and to elevating the final product. We also know how important structure and ease are to encourage productive collaboration.

Our review process fosters that experience. We send our collaborative team a review guide with questions in advance, then we meet to talk through comments, questions, and solutions.

Final delivery not only includes your Core Video, but supporting visual assets: stills, social media excerpts, and optional Specialty Videos so you can extend the impact of your video and the rich content it brings forth.