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Migraine patient waiting on exam table.

The New England Journal of Medicine | Double Take Season One

The New England Journal of Medicine created the Double Take series to harness the power of video stories to bring trusted health information to medical audiences and non-medical audiences. They brought us on as their main external partner on the project. For season one we created videos on five health topics – Sickle Cell and Gene Therapy, Migraine, Weight, Atrial Fibrillation, and Malaria.

The New England Journal of Medicine | Double Take Season Two

For the second season of The New England Journal of Medicine’s Double Take series, we created video stories on: Type 2 Diabetes, Gun Storage, Community Violence, Medical Treatment of Opioid Use Disorder, Alzheimer’s Disease, and Depression. The video stories in this series feature patient and clinician perspectives and incorporate practical guidance while discussing important context around research, patient experience, and systemic barriers to care.

Birds eye view of farm vehicle driving with herd of cows following behind

Audubon | Climate Conversations

We created a series of videos for the National Audubon Society to support their efforts to depoliticize climate change. The series featured video stories that highlight people from different backgrounds who care deeply about the environment.

The New York Times | Did These Women See #MeToo Coming?

In the 1990s, a group of women at a small college in Ohio started talking about consent, and the need for a sexual offense prevention policy at their school. People thought they were being ridiculous. We edited this short film for the NYTimes. It connects the story of affirmative consent at Antioch College in the 1990s with the modern #MeToo movement.

Janet Reno as attorney general, in a classroom shaking hands with a young child in a school uniform

CJJR | Janet Reno Endowment

Janet Reno lived her life with one guiding principle – “do the right thing.” It was a mantra passed down from her mother, one of the strongest influences in her life. This was the central theme in the video we created for Georgetown University’s Center for Juvenile Justice Reform. The video story was used to launch an endowment honoring Janet Reno’s life and legacy.

Bar graph from acute malnutrition animation

The International Rescue Committee | Acute Malnutrition

The International Rescue Committee wanted to create an explainer animation to support the work they are doing to bring attention and funding to the global public health crisis of acute malnutrition. The animation set up the problem and shares evidence-based solutions that could dramatically improve health outcomes for children.