Values storytelling for Whole Foods Market

We worked with Whole Foods Market to create a video campaign featuring farmer, grower, and maker stories. In each video we wanted to move past the standard description of the product and instead uncover a unique story or anecdote that would create a feeling that communicates the intangible nature of the ‘values’ aspect of the Whole Foods brand.

We collaboratively crafted interview questions that would push past generic product descriptions and capture the person’s authentic tone – rather than the ‘sales pitch’ voice you often here in promotional videos. The main videos were then re-edited into shorter versions so that each video had four versions that could be used on social media, etc.

We now take this approach with nearly every project we create for mission-driven organizations, offering insights and strategies on not just how to make a strong video, but how to think about amplifying the impact of the Core Video with targeted versions that can serve the organization in multiple ways.