Whole Foods Market - Eastern Carolina Organics

Eastern Carolina Organics, for Whole Foods Market


We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again. We love it when Whole Foods calls with a project. Partly because it means a day on the farm is in our near future. But it’s also because they really get story (and beautiful visuals). Our partner over there also really gets distribution and does an outstanding job thinking strategically about the placement and use of the videos she has produced.

For this project, Whole Foods wanted a short piece that they would use primarily in an Instagram campaign. So we worked with them to create a one-minute piece as well as three 20-second pieces from the same footage. Then they rolled out the videos to their social media audience and through sponsored posts.

Thinking strategically about what you’re going to do with a video before¬†it’s produced is a key step in getting the greatest value and impact out of the time and investment of producing a video.

This is what it looked like on Instagram:

Whole Foods Market Instagram campaign - Eastern Carolina Organice