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Jim Strickland - close up of Jim driving on his ranch
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ranchers conserving land

Florida’s working lands store water, capture pollutants, and support some of the state’s most iconic wildlife.

Jim Strickland has had a front row seat to climate change, and to the affects of rapid land development in Florida. And when it’s difficult to make ends meet, he knows how strong the temptation is to sell farmland to developers.

He also knows that the impact of losing working lands to developments can be catastrophic. He’s working to find ways to keep farmers and ranchers on their lands so that they can continue to play an important role in conserving the environment. 

project context & Goals

Between polarized politics and the barrage of climate change headlines, many people have been driven farther away from the climate change conversation.

We created a series of videos for the National Audubon Society to depoliticize climate change by sharing stories that highlight people from different backgrounds who care deeply about the environment.

You can view Benji’s story here and Kenneth’s story here

Our primary goal with any video concept is to marry strategy and storytelling – to create something striking that communicates the message while keeping a close eye on what makes a strong video story.

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The National Audubon Society

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Story Design
Film Production

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Story Contributor:
Jim Strickland

Directors and Producers:
Catherine Orr
Elena Rue

Dillon Deaton

Andrew Hida
Catherine Orr
Elena Rue

Colorist: Marika Litz

Birds eye view of farm vehicle driving with herd of cows following behind
Profile shot of Jim Strickland looking at his ranch
Birds eye view of suburban development in Florida
Birds on Jim Strickland's ranch

1-Minute Version

In addition to the Core Video, we created 1-minute versions of each Climate Conversation, as well as social media excerpts and still images to use on various platforms to expand the impact of the series.

Sunset on Florida ranch
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