video storytelling for mission driven organizations

We create powerful video stories & video strategy to amplify the work that drives social change.

Serving nonprofits, research institutions, and values-based businesses.

Commissioned Video Projects Through Strategic & Ethical Storytelling

When wielded correctly, the power of story can unite generations, change minds, influence hearts, and motivate action. But if there isn’t a thoughtful strategy in place, videos can fall flat and even cause harm.

We partner with organizations to create targeted, compelling video projects to expand the reach and impact of their work through strategic and ethical storytelling. You think you want a traditional or promotional video about your organization, but what you need is a video that tells a meaningful story about your cause.

  • Community-driven Impact Videos
  • Fundraising & Milestone Videos
  • Marketing & Communications Videos
  • Awareness & Policy Change Videos
  • Story-Driven Research Videos
  • Event Centerpiece Videos

Communications Strategy with a Smart Video Perspective

For many organizations, the approach to video is reactionary. There’s a great new initiative, a milestone to celebrate, a fundraising event, and someone says, ‘we need a video.’ And that’s ok, but it often leads to missed opportunities and inefficient uses of resources. 

We work with organizations to step back and look at how they are using video. We create alignment between their videos, their goals, their values, and their communications strategy, uncovering opportunities for amplifying resources and impact along the way.

  • Communications & Video Strategy Alignment
  • One-year & Three-year Video Plan Creation
  • Story Consulting & Workshops for In-house Video Teams
  • Fundraising & Marketing Video
  • Campaign Development