When a coal mine disaster kills her brother, Betty, a pro-coal activist, joins forces with Lorelei, a tree-hugging environmentalist, to take on the most dangerous coal company in the United States. We partnered with director, Chad A. Stevens, to edit and produce seven years of his vérité documentation exploring the social, environmental and economic complexities in […]

Skewed Justice

  By now, we’re all used to being bombarded with political attack ads around election time. But in 39 states, a growing number of those ads are attacking judicial candidates on their criminal justice records. In many cases those ads are paid for by special interest groups who have economic and political reasons for wanting […]

A Fisherman’s Fears: The threat of seismic testing on the N.C. coast

Dewey Hemilright is a commercial fisherman and has been fishing off the North Carolina coast for more than 20 years. With the U.S. government considering opening up the North Carolina coast to offshore drilling and seismic testing for the first time in 30 years, Hemilright worries if that will mean the end to his livelihood, […]

Center for American Progress

We spent the summer learning all about Texas Tort Reform and working with the great people of Legal Progress at the Center for American Progress to design a story that would show the human impact of an issue that can sometimes get lost in legalese and political debate. You can read more about the issue […]

War Dog Training – National Geographic

War Dog Training – National Geographic

We spent the day running with these war dogs in training, learning how their trainers teach them to recover IEDs, sniff out car bombs, and assist injured veterans. You can see this video along with the rest of National Geographic’s report on war dogs at National Geographic.