#MeToo video story with The New York Times

In the 1990s, a group of women at a small college in Ohio started talking about consent, and the need for a sexual offense prevention policy at their school.

People thought they were being ridiculous.

The story went viral before going viral was a thing. Saturday Night Live did a skit mocking the women and the idea (a gameshow called “Is It Date Rape?”). Charlie Rose did a round table on the topic. And across the country news story after news story talked about the idea of requiring consent with snark and smirks.

Last week, The New York Times published a video about the Antioch story and how it is connected to the #MeToo movement. We edited this piece with producers Samantha Stark and Kassie Bracken, and the Times video team.

We love using archival footage to help viewers feel like they’re reliving a moment they may or may not even remember. And we love being able to share in the raw emotion of the women as they reflect on how they felt 25 years ago, and how they feel now that “affirmative consent,” (mostly thanks to the Aziz Ansari story), is popping up everywhere.

Working on this piece gave us a lot to think about. Hopefully this is the experience viewers will have when they watch it.