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Young girl looking directly at camera reciting "It Is Possible" poem
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community-centered impact story

One of the most powerful tools in video storytelling is showing change. This simple element can elevate a video from a flat profile piece to a dynamic story that leaves the viewer with an engaged understanding of the issue.

Whole Foods Market wanted to create a video to highlight the issues of food deserts and illustrate the need for corporate investment and commitment in these areas.

project context & Goals

Projects that center on low-income communities can often feel exploitative. They create an experience that not only reinforces stereotypes but leaves the audience with a sense of hopelessness.

We worked with our Whole Foods partner to create a short documentary video that featured three stories of change told by story contributors who are deeply rooted in the city of Camden.

The goal of each story was to acknowledge the negative changes in Camden over the past two decades, but focus on the positive change individuals in the community have been able to effect through grassroots interventions.

This project is also an example of highlighting challenges through success stories rather than by emphasizing the hopelessness of a problem. By taking this approach you’re not only honoring the members of the community, you’re also able to reach your audience in a way that motivates them to join and support the change makers.

our client

Whole Foods Market

our role

Story Design
Film Production

Our team

Story Contributor:
Tawanda Jones
Pedro Rodriguez
LeBaron Harvey

Kate Medley

Elena Rue

Catherine Orr
Elena Rue

Flowers in foreground of an urban street
Tawanda Jones - demonstrating a routine for the members of her Sophisticated Sisters dance troupe
Tawanda Jones - interview
Man tending a garden bed in a community garden in Camden, NJ