Janet Reno: The People’s Lawyer

  Throughout her career, Janet Reno stood on a foundation of courage, integrity, humanity and commitment to justice. This short film offers a glimpse into her impact on the justice system, the lives of children and youth, and our nation as a whole. This film was commissioned by Georgetown University to launch an endowment honoring […]

A Mini-doc to Accompany Groundbreaking Research

9 million people in the world die every year from pollution-related causes. But how often do you hear about pollution as a global health threat? Not very often, I imagine. In the U.S., most of us don’t see heaps of trash everywhere we look, or make a living by burning harmful metals in our backyard, […]

Whole Foods Market – Values Matter

  We love when we get a call from Whole Foods, because it almost always means we’re going to be spending our days outside interacting with small farmers (often returning home with armfuls of fresh produce!) We spent the hottest two weeks in June doing just that. And despite the oppressive heat and crazy early mornings in search […]

Behind the Story – The Making of “Janet Reno: The People’s Lawyer”

Behind the Story – The Making of “Janet Reno: The People’s Lawyer”

Former Attorney General, Eric Holder, speaking about his admiration for Janet Reno. Photo by production team member, Nick Michael. Janet Reno lived her life with one guiding principle – “do the right thing.” It was a mantra passed down from her mother, one of the strongest influences in her life. In all the research, conversations and […]