commissioned video projects through strategic & ethical storytelling

There is no formula for a strong video, but there are key approaches.

There are also common pitfalls that result in a weak video. And these pitfalls are sneaky. They can easily work their way into a video if you’re not vigilant, especially if you’re working with an organization or a group of people with different ideas.

We partner with organizations to create targeted, compelling video projects to expand the reach and impact of their work through strategic and ethical storytelling.

Our process is designed to foster client and community collaboration along the way.

With guidance and expertise, we find the stories that honor and center the experiences of the community and serve your organization’s mission. While focusing deeply on your goals, we provide ways to increase impact and engagement of your video project. Let us show you how.

Communications Strategy with a Smart Video Perspective

For many organizations, the approach to video is reactionary.

There’s a great new initiative, a milestone to celebrate, a fundraising or sales campaign, and someone says, ‘we need a video.’ And that’s ok, but it often leads to missed opportunities and inefficient uses of resources. 

We work with organizations to step back and look at how they are using video. We create alignment between their videos, their goals, their values, and their communications strategy, uncovering opportunities for amplifying resources and impact along the way.

We create customized engagements where we become an extension of your team, providing strategy and expertise in how to create more impactful videos. We work with organizations to tackle some of the most pressing communications challenge they face, including:

  • Engaging donors and corporate sponsors in one-on-one calls and group events
  • Increasing the reach of important research outcomes 
  • Improving connection and commitment in policy change campaigns
  • Creating an engaging and memorable online event experience
  • Maximizing the impact of major milestones, launches, and initiatives
  • Creating a brand narrative around identity and values

If you’ve liked to learn more about what our strategy engagements looks like, request a discovery call here.

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Our Strategic Perspective

It won’t surprise you that we bring a strong perspective on the critical role video can play in furthering your goals. But we also bring a background in multimedia journalism coupled with a decade of experience working with communications teams at national nonprofits and large and small mission-driven businesses. 

Sometimes we will tell you not to make a video. Shocking, we know. Because we know that video is a powerful tool when it is thoughtfully designed, and it can be a fruitless time and resource suck when it’s created outside of any meaningful strategy.

We help move organizations from a reactionary approach to video to a proactive approach that integrates video into their larger communications strategy.

In many cases that looks like doing less video and doing it more intentionally. It looks like zooming out and looking at the big-picture narrative of your organization and honing in on where and when to use video.

We give honest, informed, feedback on when video is not the right medium for what you’re trying to communicate, and what to do instead.

And we give an expansive look at how you can be taking one video project and repurposing the content in yes, smaller videos for audience segments and targeted goals, but also in blog posts, email campaigns, awareness raising toolkits, and more.

Video stories can not only make your message vivid, real, and memorable, they can also inform your traditional communications tactics and channels, and we’ll show you how.