Behind the Story – The Making of “Janet Reno: The People’s Lawyer”

Former Attorney General, Eric Holder, speaking about his admiration for Janet Reno. Photo by production team member, Nick Michael. Janet Reno lived her life with one guiding principle – “do the right thing.” It was a mantra passed down from her mother, one of the strongest influences in her life. In all the research, conversations and pre-interviews we engaged in during this project, “do the right thing” was used to describe

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What We're Reading - In the Company of Women - Tanya Aguiniga quote

What We’re Reading /// Design Sponge

We’ve been following Grace Bonney’s blog Design Sponge for years now. We were first drawn to it because the stuff she shares is beautiful, and while this particular type of visual design (interior design, product design, etc.) is a bit outside of our area, we find it extremely important to look for inspiration beyond the video storytelling world. Plus there is a lot of interplay between visual design and the

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Limited Enrollment Concept Workshop

  Our favorite workshop is just around the corner. So often people get hung up on cameras, software, and all the technical aspects of producing videos (which is understandable, there’s a lot to remember!) The problem is, when you’re distracted by cameras, microphones, and editing software, you miss the most important element of creating videos: powerful storytelling. This concept workshop strips away the technology and focuses on how to create

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Behind the Scenes – “Homeplace Under Fire”

We both grew up around farms – Catherine was raised on a small farm in the outskirts of Charlottesville, VA, and Elena grew up in rural Iowa. But not until this project did we truly understand the challenges and hardships that family farmers have faced and continue to face in the U.S. Through the stories of the brave farm advocates chronicled in the film, we also learned about the incredible strength

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Whole Foods Market - Eastern Carolina Organics

Eastern Carolina Organics, for Whole Foods Market

  We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again. We love it when Whole Foods calls with a project. Partly because it means a day on the farm is in our near future. But it’s also because they really get story (and beautiful visuals). Our partner over there also really gets distribution and does an outstanding job thinking strategically about the placement and use of the videos she has

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