There was so much collaboration on this project. And it was lovely. To begin with, the group that commissioned us was an alliance of three mission-driven organizations – two fantastic conservation orgs Triangle Land Conservancy and Conservation Trust for North Carolina, and an awesome non-profit Triangle Bikeworks, that focuses on organizing youth bike tours that trace culturally significant routes across the U.S.

Past tours have followed the Trail of Tears, the Underground Railroad, and partnered with the National Parks Serviceon service learning projects. The goal of all of the tours is to give youth the opportunity to travel to historic spaces, persevere through challenges, and discover who they want to be.

For this particular tour, the youth would be learning about conservation and environmental justice while riding 700 miles along the Neuse River down to the Atlantic Ocean and back.

It was really important to everyone involved to have the youth riders play an important role in how their story was being told. Through the Story Design process we came up with a plan to incorporate a short storytelling workshop for the youth riders – to learn from them and to equip them with storytelling tools (more on that in another post).