Jamie Kirk Hahn Foundation Fellowship Program


One of the reasons we love our jobs is that we get to support the work of people and organizations doing great things in the world. The Jamie Kirk Hahn Foundation is a wonderful organization that believes that fostering conversations and listening to people in the community is key to making positive changes in the world.

When making a video about your organization, it can be very tempting to sit a staff member in front of the camera and have them talk about each element of the work you do and why it’s important. But this approach rarely moves your audience to act or care because it doesn’t draw them in to the work you do.

We worked collaboratively with the team at the Jamie Kirk Hahn Foundation to develop a story concept that would draw viewers in while giving them a glimpse into the work and impact of the organization with a specific emphasis on the Fellow program. We also wanted to honor the legacy of Jamie, the incredible woman the organization is named for, and do it in an honest, genuine way.

The key strategy we used in this project, and one that is a powerful element of any strong story, is showing change in the main character. This does two main things. First, it connects the audience with the character on a personal level. If they know where the character is coming from, they can root for them and be invested. Second, it gives you the opportunity to “show, not tell.” By showing the change the character experiences because of the organization, program, initiative, etc., you illustrate the power of the work that’s being done in a meaningful way.

So in this short piece, we explored the work of the organization through the experience of one of the Jamie Kirk Hahn Foundation Fellows, Tiffany Turner. Tiffany shares her personal journey and what it’s like to want to live up to the legacy of someone you never knew, but who’s life and work inspires you as you grow and find your own voice. The world seems like a brighter place knowing that young people like Tiffany are doing their best to make a difference.