A Mini-doc to Accompany Groundbreaking Research

9 million people in the world die every year from pollution-related causes. But how often do you hear about pollution as a global health threat? Not very often, I imagine. In the U.S., most of us don’t see heaps of trash everywhere we look, or make a living by burning harmful metals in our backyard, […]

StoryMineMedia, The First 5 Years

I remember standing in my yard at a graduation picnic, talking to the dad of one of my good friends. He looked up from his pasta salad and asked the inevitable question, “What’s next for you?” I told him I had a summer fellowship I was really excited about that would start in a few […]

Stories from the Hart – 30 Years of the Hart Leadership Program

Stories from the Hart – 30 Years of the Hart Leadership Program

Anniversary celebrations are often full of broad accolades about all the accomplishments that have happened over a period of time. But the problem is, these aren’t the things that define a program or organization. What gives an organization spirit and life is the people, the moments, and the relationships that are formed. Since boilerplate promotional […]

The Center for Juvenile Justice Reform – 10th Anniversary

Some projects come together exceptionally smoothly, they just do. This is one of those projects. Last year we worked with the Center for Juvenile Justice Reform to create a mini-documentary about Janet Reno’s legacy as a tireless advocate for children in the juvenile justice and child welfare system. CJJR commissioned the film to help launch […]

StoryMine’s Podcast Debut

We had so much fun recording our podcast interview with Sharon Lipovsky, owner of Point Road Studios, and the host of the podcast Design Yourself. In it, we talk about StoryMine’s journey over the last five years (including the story about the day we met!) and share some lessons learned. You can stream it here, or […]