My Son’s Eyes

Renee Pinkney’s 19 year-old son Don’Tay suffers from a mental illness. At age 15, he allegedly committed a crime during a psychotic episode. Don’Tay has been in jail for over a year without education or treatment for his illness. While waiting for a trial, Renee and her husband Joey are fighting to gain rights for […]

Surviving Siblings

Surviving Siblings is a personal story of three young women who have lost a brother or sister to cancer, suicide and an automobile accident. Each reflects on her experience, and how she carries it with her as she moves forward. Catherine wrote a little about the story behind the story here.

Reflections of the 2001 Economic Crisis – Argentina

Underground theater in Buenos Aires is quirky, unpredictable and wildly important to the art and culture of the city. For actor Pablo Mikozzi, it is the opportunity to create freely, away from the constraints of commercial theatre. It also allows actors to engage the audience, in an intimate setting, face to face. This video is […]

Power Play

As Detroit attempts to reinvigorate a failing economy, alternative energy pioneers have a chance to spark a new industry. Garth Schultz, a solar panel entrepreneur, is poised to begin production, start up his business and help Michigan’s factories start churning once again. Power Play: story of a start up was produced by Elena Rue and […]

Literacy through Photography – Tanzania

Literacy through Photography – Tanzania

In 2008 and 2009 I served as the On-The-Ground Coordinator for the Literacy Through Photography (LTP) Tanzania program through Duke Engage. Each summer my colleague Katie Hyde and I took eight students to Arusha, Tanzania for two months where we trained teachers using LTP’s participatory education methodology and taught photography and writing lessons to children in local schools.